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PC owners should always make sure their software is being supported by the manufacturer, and is up-to-date.But in the meantime, what should Microsoft Office users do to avoid the virus?Mc Afee says it has been in contact with Microsoft about the security flaw in its Microsoft Office applications.The Redmond-based technology company is expected to push-out an update to its apps that closes the flaw this week for its habitual Patch Tuesday bug release.Microsoft Office 2016 will be running an auto-update feature, similar to Windows 10Updates will change in Windows 10. What's more..., as well as a number of different servicing branches, also similar to the new operating system.

I've checked (for Updates) both in Windows 10 Pro and in Office 2016. Anyway, it is a bit weird with Office (builds, versions and updates) these days...Last September, I wrote about a new Outlook feature for keeping track of package deliveries.These new features sound great, but the funny thing is that even though my copy of Office 2016 is up to date, those and other new features are nowhere to be found. Microsoft has not exactly made a secret of the fact that it does not deliver updates to all of its Office 365 customers at the same time.At any rate I just checked my backup machine and don't have any Office updates for it, but I'm running Office 2010 on that machine.Did get updates through Windows Update when I installed 2010 but that was a while back. I'm thinking most of us are talking about our personal PC's where your category wouldn't apply.

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Since the September 22 release, Microsoft has likely fielded thousands of questions regarding the new Office update system.