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Well, there might be a good connection with your family like there was with us. So the three of them had come to Little Locks, a combination toy store and children’s hair salon in a tony section of San Diego where busy, two-income families live in large homes perched atop rolling hills.

They were there to check out Sitter Socials, one of a handful of programs that have sprung up around the country in recent times to match busy parents with available baby sitters.

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Last year, Vladimir Putin proposed a number of benefits designed to encourage large families, like long maternity leaves and ,900 cash subsidies for stay-at-home mothers who have a second child.

The program is part of Russia's effort to combat the population decline that's been taking place for 15 years.

Other nations in Europe and Asia also want to raise their fertility rates (PDF).

So when they eventually got married and had a daughter they named Victoria 2½ years ago, it seemed natural to try something new but similar to find a helper: speed baby-sitting.

“I thought, you meet a series of baby sitters for just a couple minutes?

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