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Move storage group validating destination file paths

For instance, early version of Storage VMotion, required that VMotion was enabled first - now Storage VMotion is built-in to the platform and does not require that VMotion be enabled first.Similiarly, early versions of VMotion required the VM to be located on Shared Storage (such as FC, i SCSI, NFS) and non-shared storage such as Local VMFS volumes were not supported.The Diagnostic channel will then start collecting data relevant to a join or create operation. With the new features of Server 2012 Failover Clustering, the cluster will be created in the same organizational unit (OU) as the nodes.For example, suppose you previously enabled the Diagnostic channel and you're having a problem creating a cluster. For the cluster name to be created, the logged-on user must have at least Read and Create Computer Objects permissions.Because of this implementation, flash drives need not be dedicated to specific applications.In SQL Server 2000 Data transformation Services (DTS) it was a bit of a hack to be able to loop over files of a given type in a certain directory and import them into your destination.

This can be neccessary because the requirements of VMotion or Storage VMotion for what ever reason cannot be met.

FAST Cache does this by using flash drives for the most frequently accessed data in the storage system instead of dedicating flash drives to a particular application.

FAST Caches are also enabled on storage pools and allow you to leverage the lower response time and better IOPS of flash drives without dedicating flash drives to a specific application.

This channel is disabled by default, so it won't be collecting any data.

To enable it, you need to right-click the channel and choose Enable Log.

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Mike Laverick Version: v Sphere 5.5 This topic all about the moving of the virtual machine from one location to another - occasionally this refer to as workload protability or 'live migration' by industry experts or other virtualization vendors. Indeed it was VMware who pioneered the technology that allows the Sys Admin to move a running VM from one physical host to another, without powering off the VM and without disconnecting users.

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