How to handle intimidating time between break up dating

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How to handle intimidating

We've all had those interviewers that intimidate us--often on purpose.

They loom very, very large, and they tend to be almost aggressive with their questions.

Some bullies carry out their activities under the guise of “just doing what they’re told,” says workplace abuse expert Patricia G. “The spineless supervisor agrees to do anything that management wants to get rid of employees—good employees—for reasons that have nothing to do with work,” she says.But it’s not enough to win—his or her opponent has to lose.Scorched-Earthers pull out all the stops to make sure that the victims in their sites are hurt in some way.We sweat bullets through every minute of the interview, and sigh with relief the minute we finally escape from the sweatbox where we just spent the last half hour trying not to break down. It's tough, but you can handle it if you're prepared.Control Your Reaction Intimidating interviewers won't smile, won't react, and won't do anything to let you know if you're doing well or not.

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