Google calendar add by url not updating

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Google calendar add by url not updating

This will apply to external calendars of all practitioners within the Cliniko account.

Additional info: I've set up the Sugar CRM calendar in MS Outlook using the HTTP URL and Outlook updates correctly whenever I add a new entry in Outlook.

Keep that in mind when you select an update frequency.

We have not directly confirmed this yet, but 3rd-party documentation indicates that Outlook for Windows observes the non-standard setting in an i Cal feed to set automatic update frequency.

We understand that some users want to have the ability to refresh the calendars they added manually and we are exploring various ways to enable this.

I think I see the issue and it's due to the fact that Google Calendar appears to update its ical sources only every 24 hours.

Unfortunately different calendar programs use different ways of controlling the update frequency for pulling in subscribed calendar information.

The process is laid out in this blog post, but in summary, you add Unfortunately, after that initial sync Google Calendar will be back to refreshing your feeds once or twice a day.

If this happens, remove the subscribed calendar and repeats the steps above to get the sync set up again.

You can also change the privacy settings of external calendars for your entire Cliniko account.

However, if you make updates to your schedule on your external calendar, they won't be pushed back to Cliniko.

One thing to note: if you upgrade to a new i OS (the i Phone's operating system; the latest version is called i OS 8), you may experience a broken sync.

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Note that unlike your desktop Apple Calendar, on i OS the setting applies to all calendar subscriptions that are set to Fetch.

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