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Fbi warning online dating

Among the variations on this type of scam are the Nigerian Letter (or 419 fraud).The most visible form of advance fee fraud today is the Nigerian Letter or 419 fraud, named after the section of the Nigerian criminal code that it violates.These scams have come to be associated with Nigeria due to the massive proliferation of such confidence tricks from that country since the early 1990s.Originally the schemers contacted mainly heads of companies and church officials, often by fax or postal mail.However, the use of e-mail spam and instant messaging for the initial contacts has led to many private citizens also being targeted, as the cost to the scammers to make contact is much lower.A typical letter claims to come from a person needing to transfer large sums of money out of the country or from a lottery company.“We had to convince her the situation was suspicious.

A brief over view of this scam From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: An advance fee fraud is a confidence trick in which the target is persuaded to advance relatively small sums of money in the hope of realizing a much larger gain.

In one “Operation Romeo and Juliet” case, a California man signed up for an online dating site after the passing of his mother.

In his search to fulfill his promise to his mom to “find a good woman,” he became the target of a romance scammer.

It should go without saying that there are inherent risks that accompany on-line dating.

However, in our electronic age, this practice has become quite acceptable and commonplace.

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“The victims have never met the individual with whom they are communicating, but the bond they’ve established through a sophisticated grooming process can be very strong and very difficult to break,” the Cleveland FBI said in a news release on Tuesday.